About us

We are an effective law office providing high quality legal aid services in the areas of real estate, business, bills of exchange and debt enforcement proceedings. Our team is composed of specialists who have rich experience in their fields.

We put great emphasis in everyday work on the pursuit of our mission and values as well as building up the reputation of the law office as an effective and trustworthy business partner. We make an effort to be supportive to our clients and to be a guide to the complexities of the legal system.

Legal knowledge systematically acquired, experience accumulated through years and the constant streamlining of organizational processes let us solve even the most difficult legal issues in an effective and discreet manner. Thanks to our work clients earn or save substantial amounts of money which often determines whether a company or family survives or not.


We help our clients to achieve their goals and avoid any problems related to finance, real estate and business sectors in an effective and diligent manner.


Our motto: “Effectiveness and Trust” concisely conveys our main values.

THE EFFECTIVENESS of our services is highly related to the following:


The law office provides its services within four selected legal specializations only, which helps to achieve a strategic effect of concentration and ensures the Clients the highest level of services.


We are professionals in our fields and we do systematically broaden and update the experience already acquired when keeping up with the latest changes in law provisions, jurisprudence as well as views on a legal doctrine at the same time.


We draw constructive conclusions from each case, which we have been gathering and systemizing for years. They may be quickly applied to subsequent cases, thus we are always ready for new challenges.

Whereas THE TRUST of our clients is built mostly on the values such as:


Our clients’ interests always come first. We keep our word even at our own expense or at the law office's expense and even if the client cannot see it, does not check it or does not expect it. We strictly abide by the Code of Conduct of Legal Counsel.


Not only do we strictly adhere to the professional secrecy of legal counsel but under no circumstances do we reveal any information on the client to anyone unless the client wishes us to do so.


We make every effort to ensure the security of any documents, information and data on clients or cases which we run. When communicating with a client we use modes of transmission that guarantee the confidentiality of information transmitted, whereas other channels – only with the knowledge and the prior consent of the client. Each client has online access to his/her cases, which is secured with a login and password, while all data is gathered on external hard drives where it is transferred with the use of a secure SSL protocol encrypted by a 128 bit key. Regardless of any securities, we also hold extended professional liability insurance for any damage done to our clients.


Our experience has also taught us how important it is for the client to be able to contact a lawyer promptly and comfortably if necessary or work out the current state of the case. Making an effort to meet these needs, we provide our clients with:

  • short telephone consultations or by e-mail within the working hours of the law office;
  • online access to the clients’ cases 24 hours a day;
  •  “legal emergency service” – our lines are open from 5 pm to 9 am to be used in cases of pressing concern and of the utmost urgency;
  • visits of a legal counsel to the seat or the flat of a client;
  • service in the Polish, English and Russian languages;

We hope to see you soon in the circle of our satisfied clients :-)