Bills of exchange

At present, a bill of exchange as a security which may serve numerous practical functions in business trading, together with the development of free market economy is back in grace of investors and financial institutions, mainly as a convenient credit facility and security of pecuniary obligations. Due to the formalism of a bill of exchange, however, and the unconditionality, independence, solidarity and abstractness of liabilities on bills of exchange, it is both an effective and dangerous tool for a user who applies it incompetently. That is why, it is so important to seek legal assistance at the stage of the issue or guarantee of a bill of exchange so as to avoid minor but fraught with consequences and costly mistakes in its content.

We provide top quality legal assistance in any cases related to:

  1. the undertaking of bill of exchange obligations e.g.:
  • the issue of a bill of exchange,
  • aval,
  • confirmation and acceptance of a bill of exchange;


  1. bill of exchange turnover e.g.:
  • endorsement and other ways of assigning rights arising out of bills of exchange;
  • acceptance upon honour,
  • certified copies and seconds of bills of exchange;


  1. seeking to exercise rights resulting from a bill of exchange e.g.:
  • bill of exchange collection,
  • bill of exchange protest,
  • recourse,
  • bill of exchange payment-order proceedings,
  • lawsuit;
  • enforcement proceedings with a writ of execution appended resulting from a bill of exchange.

Together with us, you will take advantage of any benefits a bill of exchange gives, simultaneously avoiding threats it carries.