Compulsory execution of a legal obligation by debt enforcement proceedings is not usually a pleasant experience either for a creditor or a debtor. As we know from other sources, it is not pleasant for a bailiff, either ;) Without enforcement proceedings, however, the civil law would be defunct and courts’ decisions unenforceable. It is the last stage of court proceedings but you must think about it at the very beginning of the whole lawsuit, because mistakes made at earlier stages may backfire in enforcement proceedings. They may significantly hinder or even completely make it impossible to successfully enforce an obligation pursued or result in refraining from fulfilling an undue obligation. It is simultaneously very important for the party in the enforcement proceedings to timely seek adequate legal remedies because negligence in this respect often results in squandering chances of the successful conclusion of the case.

In order to safeguard our clients against such unpleasant surprises, we offer both creditors and debtors legal assistance at every stage of the enforcement proceedings, in particular in cases involving:

  • securing pecuniary and non-pecuniary claims;
  • appending the enforcement clause and issuing a writ of execution;
  • the commencement of enforcement;
  • locating debtor’s assets;
  • considering the complaint against decisions issued in the enforcement proceedings;
  • suspension, discontinuance or restriction of the enforcement;
  • making the writ of execution unenforceable partially or as a whole;

exemption of an object attached from enforcement;

  • seizure or appraisal of a debtor’s assets;
  • sale of debtor’s assets by public auction;
  • enforcement of remuneration for work, bank accounts or other property rights of a debtor;
  • disclosure of assets;
  • adjudication of the ownership of the real estate sold;
  • division of the sum obtained from debt enforcement proceedings;
  • damages for unjustified enforcement or security.

Not only do we make every effort to secure legal interest of our client in enforcement proceedings but also we do our best to ensure as favourable a financial result of such proceedings for the client as possible.

You do not have legal assistance in enforcement proceedings because you cannot afford to pay the attorney’s or legal counsel’s fees? You must contact us! We will definitely find a solution :)