Conducting business activities in our country involves the need for avoiding threats which lie in wait for you at every turn. They are connected with vague and often inconsistent provisions of law differently interpreted by courts and public offices as well as unfair counterparts, incompetent officers or the ineffectual judiciary. Due to our long-standing and rich experience in providing enterprises with legal services we may ensure you the best legal security in respect of:

  • commercial law (civil and trade)
  • administrative law,
  • tax law,
  • labour law,
  • commercial companies law (National Court Register, company internal issues),
  • copyright law,
  • intellectual property law,
  • criminal business law,
  • procedural law.

Services we provide in that respect include but are not limited to:

  • training for the employees of the client;
  • consulting services regarding security of legal transactions of the enterprise;
  • oral, telephone consultations and by e-mail;
  • legal opinions;
  • trade and conflict negotiations;
  • drafts of pleadings, agreements, resolutions and other legal deeds;
  • comprehensive services related to transactions filed, meetings of shareholders etc.;
  • pre-litigation debt collection;
  • legal representation in court proceedings;
  • legal representation in execution proceedings;
  • legal assistance in the process of inspection carried out by public administration bodies;
  • legal assistance in the process of giving evidence or explanations in legal proceedings;
  • due diligence.


We do understand how important it is for the entrepreneur to be able to contact his/her lawyer promptly and comfortably if necessary or work out the current state of the case. Making an effort to meet these needs, we provide our clients with:

  • short telephone consultations or by e-mail within the working hours of the law office;
  • online access to the clients’ cases 24 hours a day;
  •  “legal emergency service” – our lines are open from 5 pm to 9 am to be used in cases of pressing concern and of the utmost urgency;
  • visits of a legal counsel to the seat of a client;
  • service in the Polish, English and Russian languages.

Our business clients should not be concerned because they know that their companies have full legal protection.